The taxi driver found a way not to leave a sick wife and famous



Beijing taxi driver famous on the Internet because of the habit to take with you to work suffering from Alzheimer’s wife. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

The story of 66-year-old driver of Shen Daly spoke for the first time in the social network Weibo businessman Cai Chunyang. He wrote that the taxi driver started to have problems with earnings due to low ratings in the most popular in China aggregator Didi taxi. The passengers refused to go with Shen, as soon as they learned that with them in the car on the front seat will go to his wife, and wrote negative reviews.

“She’s my wife. We will be together no matter what”, — quoted the driver in the post Cai. The taxi driver claims that goes with her orders for three years.

Guo Jia, a colleague of Shen, said that his friend wanted to leave work as soon as I heard about the diagnosis of his wife. But when he noticed how she likes to ride with him, we decided to stay, but every day to take her with him. In words, the woman has problems with memory, often she doesn’t even know his daughters and grandchildren.

Myself Shen refused to talk to journalists because “did not want the publicity.” “Many contacted us and offered to help them pair, but he refused them all. He said he wants together with his wife to lead a normal life, not to Shine in front of the cameras,” he said.

Weibo users urged passengers to show to the Shen sympathy and not to write negative reviews. One of the commentators spoke about the meeting with the taxi driver: “He called me after I received the order, and asked if I would mind the presence of his wife. I understand that it has some problems when she started to turn around and stare at me. To be honest, I was scared of her gaze, but the driver helped her to turn around and say, look forward.” Another added that the passengers of the taxi Shen should not worry about safety, as he’s taking his “most precious treasure” and saves it.

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