The woman had to breast feed the snake husband


Photo: Prabhat Kumar Verma /

A resident of Kenya claims that the ex-husband forced her to breast feed the snakes. According to the publication Pulse, the woman told her story to the radio station Radio Jambo.

She knew nothing about snakes, which kept her husband’s relatives until she married and moved to them. “When I was taken to their home, he said to wait and not to run away, when they appear, — the woman tells. — I sat quietly and did not move, because I didn’t know that guests were actually three snakes”.

According to her statement, one of pripolzshaya in the room of snakes was trying to drink her breast milk. “While all this was happening, I was breast-feeding her child, the woman said. — I managed to get out of this house.” To get rid of snakes was not so easy. The relatives of her husband ordered her to regularly feed reptiles porridge without sugar.

It ended in divorce, but the reason for it, according to women, were not snakes, and the irresponsibility of her husband, who did not want to take care of the child.

In 2016, it was reported that a resident of one of the countries of South-East Asia, got married on the three-meter Cobra. The young man claimed that they watch TV together, have picnics, do fitness and sleep. According to him, the snake reminded him of an ex-girlfriend.

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