In the United States praised the “super-weapon” of the Russian special forces


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Russian special forces get the latest version of heavy assault rifle ASH-12. This drew the attention of the publication National Interest.

Assault rifle complex SHACK-12 was established by order of the FSB in “instrument Design Bureau”, and is a highly specialized weapon. Its effective firing range does not exceed 100 meters, which is clearly insufficient for a military weapon, besides its weight is almost two pounds higher than current AK-12.

However, the firepower of AL-12 cartridges caliber 12,7х55 is that leaves no chance for the enemy to hide behind any cover, including walls. Also any terrorist is guaranteed to be stopped, even under the influence of psychoactive substances, allowing some time not to pay attention to the wounds.

AL-12 is with 2011. It is cropped to the scheme bullpup, with the store behind the handle. Because of the large size of the ammunition in the store holds no more than 20 rounds. There is also a variant of the weapon with integrated grenade launcher.

In October it became known that the special Forces of the US are studying the possibility of reconstruction and the production of domestic weapons, similar in technical characteristics to the machine gun and heavy machine gun NSV “Utes”. By assumption, the media, American officials want to go this far to provide weapons to some armed groups in Syria and Iraq, where it is often used by Russian or Soviet weapons — from rifles to rocket launchers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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