Okhlobystin confessed to obscurantism


Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin spoke about his attitude to the “ugliest forms, which sometimes takes humanism” and explained why considers himself a bigot. This became known from his interview to “Izvestia”.

Okhlobystin admitted that at present it really is “something obscurantist”. According to him, this concept it is possible to describe because of the negative attitude towards homosexuality. “I’m not homophobic in the literal sense — a net to catch, to arrest, to treat with injections. But I believe that this is a direct violation of all established religious norms,” — he explained.

Also the actor said that he does not understand the history of the violation of the right to gender identity, and expressed concern due to the fact that European teenagers talk about it. “And if you will here impose such a standard, with all this homestories, then immediately followed by a number of violations of the laws of life of homo sapiens,” said Okhlobystin.

He stressed that “life” leads to the degradation of the family institution, and therefore the state. The actor called the supporters of the childfree movement “fiend” and “completely mentally disoriented people.”

According to Okhlobystin, harmful to society and the ideology of bodypositive.”It’s not the patients are guided to healthy, and Vice versa. What good is that fat Chicks have fun declare how they eat the chocolate and how happy they are” — he asked. The actor has noticed that in Russia “people with some disadvantage usually has more rights” and cited the example of Ivan the fool, who is considered a “national hero”.

Earlier in December, it was reported that Microsoft was removed from YouTube a promotional video with the participation of Okhlobystin because of a violation of the rules of the platform of diversity and inclusiveness

Okhlobystin is known for the sharp statements and appealing to the LGBT community. In particular, he proposed “live to cram in the oven” of homosexuals. It is also called “choke traitors”, commenting on the decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to grant autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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