The author of “glass of vodka on the table” responded to the accusations in soldering Russians


Gregory Lastto: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

Russian singer Grigory Leps believes that there is no need to impose censorship on the stage. About his views, he said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Speaking about one of his songs — “a Glass of vodka on the table” — the actor said that this is not a promotion of alcoholism (this view was expressed by the rapper Roma Zhigan). “Russian people have always drank, drink and will drink, no matter what anyone says or forbidden,” — said Leps.

In his opinion, to expose the creativity of censorship unlawful. “Each generation has its own moral character. If someone has this moral character with the moral character of the person is older, it does not mean that you need to prevent music. Moreover, the music these young lads, as I personally know and heard, very decent,” he commented on the work of contemporary Russian rappers.

“If, of course, there are some limitations, age, I mean, it’s possible,” he added. Leps has compared the fight against music with fight with windmills.

Singer also praised the work of Sergei Shnurov and considered it the height of hypocrisy to try to stop the Mat on the stage. “If people perceive it normally, even humming and whistling, including those deputies are going to ban it, it is generally the height of hypocrisy, I think”, he said and advised the authorities to better engage in the fight against poverty.

In early December, people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky said that any artwork should be judged by experts and called for the return of the artistic Council. To estimate it is suggested by the criteria “the mind, honor and conscience”.

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