The Minister refused to believe in the difficulties of the Russians


Maxim Topicinfo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The Minister of labour of Russia Maxim Topilin did not agree with the opinion that citizens over the age of 45 can’t find work. About it reports TASS.

The corresponding opinion was expressed by head of the Center of palliative medicine of the Department of health of Moscow Nut Federmesser. “I can’t agree with it. It is possible to find a job. If someone is having problems, there are government programs,” the official said on the discussion site “Quality of life” in the Congress of “United Russia”.

Topilin also said that in 2019 the government will allocate for retraining individuals approaching retirement age (according to the interpretation of the President of Russia, it is those citizens who are within five years before retirement) five billion rubles.

In July of this year, RBC with reference to the survey of Adizes Institute reported that 32 percent of Russian companies are not ready to take on the job of citizens approaching retirement age, the same proportion of companies planning to hire such workers only if they are skilled. Another 29 percent are willing to take pretensioners for different positions and only seven percent said that employ people, regardless of age. The August poll “Levada center” showed that nearly half of the older generation of Russians expects growth of unemployment.

The majority of citizens, as the research of holding “ROMIR”, is considered the most reliable means of job search contacts among relatives and friends.

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