Working for the CIA a Russian policeman turned to the Trump


Eugene Chistovik: “Russia 24”

A former employee of the Moscow police Eugene Chistov, who is serving a sentence for treason, appealed to the President of the United States Donald Trump to provide his mother and his wife asylum. This is stated in the column Chistova for The Guardian.

“My wife has already questioned the FSB. She went to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine to get a tourist visa, but she refused and she was forced to return home, where soldiers attacked her and threatened. I wrote two letters to the CIA (Central intelligence Agency of the United States — approx. “Of the”) asking for help and got no answer,” says Chistov.

According to the convict, his parents are retired, but are forced to work because of a lack of money for drugs.

“Because of my crime committed in the United States, my family and I [are subjected to] the great danger in Russia. In the US my family would be safe,” — says a former policeman. He also called on trump to exchange it, Recalling that in us prisons are people convicted of spying for Moscow.

Talking about the work of the CIA during his service in the Russian police, Chistov says that he gave us intelligence some secret plans of the Ministry of interior and Ministry of defense, and also revealed to their supervisors, the names of several employees of the FSB. His motivation, the convict explained by the desire to overthrow the government, which he considers an “enemy of the Russian people”. “I was accused of selling secrets for money, but this is not so,” said the Russian.

Evgeni Chistov was convicted in November of 2015. He was convicted of treason committed in the form of espionage, and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Office of public Prosecutor has counted punishment too soft and has tried in the Supreme court to extend the term to 16 years, but the sentence was upheld. Guilty former police officer admitted.

According to investigators, officer in 2011, he established contact with the CIA and after recruiting for three years sold to Americans available in the service information constituting a state secret.

In addition to business Chistova, in 2015 became aware of several other facts of cooperation between Russian security forces with Western intelligence agencies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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