The number of prisoners in Russia has reached a historic low


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The number of prisoners in Russia declined to historic lows over the past 25 years, reported “Interfax” in the press office of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN).

According to the Agency, now in the colonies, see 467 thousand people. “In the modern history of Russia is the small number serving sentences of prisoners”, — added FSIN.

The press Bureau said that in the beginning of 2013 in the colonies, prisons, and medical correctional institutions contained 588 thousand convicts, in 2017 — 523 thousands, and at the beginning of 2018 — less than half a million.

11 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the overcrowding problem and said that dozens of people in the same cell to contain unacceptable.

In November the Deputy chief of the FSIN Valery Maksimenko talked about the shortage of places in the colonies to former security officials.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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