Ride in a jeep on a pedestrian street wernick explained


Igor Verniciato: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

Russian actor Igor Vernik said that he has official permission to travel on Kamergersky pereulok, as it is a member of the Chekhov Moscow art theater. His words RIA Novosti reported.

According to the actor, January 3, he went to his place of work — the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, which is located in Kamergersky lane. He noted that the permission to travel is at the theatre staff.

In addition, wernick denied information about the presence of his guard and called it “nonsense”.

The channel “Moscow 24” has published a video in which wernick drove the SUV through the pedestrian area in Moscow. It was noted that he was accompanied by guards in uniform with walkie-talkies, which drove away people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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