Russian and German have sex in the centre of Riga and caught


Photo: Sergey Melkonov / RIA Novosti

Police detained a Russian citizen and a German citizen who made love in the center of Riga. About it informs a portal Mixnews.

A couple noticed by the cameras on the. After that, the scene went to the nearest police, who arrested violators.

According to the tourists, they had sex in a public place in order to obtain extreme sensations. “My friend two months we emailed and just now met. I know we’re not crazy. In fact, it just happened. We have nothing to do with romance and everything,” said a police girl.

As a result, the foreigners were fined 200 euros each.

In December 2018 tourists from Denmark had sex on top of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and caught it on camera. Later, the Egyptians that helped the tourists to climb the landmark, was arrested.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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