For walking across the street in a jeep Wernicke stood up


Photo: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

The leadership of the Moscow Art theatre (MKhT) named after Chekhov met the actor Igor Vernik, who drove the SUV through the pedestrian area in Moscow. This was reported on the website of the theatre.

The administration recalled that after 1998, when Kamergersky pereulok is a pedestrian zone, a long time staff have left the right of way on the street. However, a few years ago Parking was eliminated, and the pedestrian zone was expanded to Tverskaya street.

“This is logistics, the Art of the theater was not resolved, although the entrance to the theatre, located in Kamergersky lane is a major route for transport companies and its employees, and only in the case of the arrival of trucks with scenery and special vehicles”, — says the publication.

According to leaders of the Moscow art theatre, wernick law — abiding citizen, who became a hostage of the administrative inconsistencies and flaws. They added that in the current situation, guilty of the theater, which defended their rights, the city not provides the logistics of the theatre, and the traffic police, which established prohibition sign, despite the presence of the entry in Mat in that place. The website also States that the actor does not use the services of private security companies.

“The Moscow art theatre after the Christmas holidays more aggressively will address the question on how the territory of the theater to avoid the recurrence of this situation”, — stated in the message.

On 4 January there was a video of travel Wernicke on the Range Rover through the crowd in Kamergersky lane. He was accompanied by guards in uniform with walkie-talkies, which drove away people. He later explained that he has official permission to travel on Kamergersky lane, since he is employee of the theatre.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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