Named effects of the abolition of Rogozin’s visit to USA


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“Roscosmos” in connection with the cancellation of the visit of the General Director of the Corporation Dmitry Rogozin in the US may withdraw from negotiations with NASA on participation in the project of the international lunar Gateway station. About it RIA Novosti said a source in the rocket and space industry.

He explained that the current situation could have a negative impact on the negotiations about the participation of Roscosmos in the development of the space station and to conduct joint research on Board the ISS. The source admitted that may occur cancellation of the agreements.

The abolition is scheduled for February of Rogozin’s visit in the United States it became known on January 5. The Director of NASA, Jim Breidenstein explained that the position of several U.S. senators.

Talks on creation of a lunar station started in 2013. In September 2017 the United States and Russia signed the agreement on intentions on creation of the Gateway. The construction of the station was planned for 2022, the accession of the Russian airlock module to it — by 2024.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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