Saudi women will receive a TEXT about divorce


Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/ RIA Novosti

The government of Saudi Arabia ordered the courts to send women the message that their marriage is dissolved. Reported by the BBC.

The new rule should stop the practice of so-called “secret divorce”, when men divorce, without ex-wives know. Now a resident of the Kingdom will be always aware of their family status and will be able to fully exercise their right to alimony, lawyers say. Previously, many women filed in the courts complaints about divorce without their knowledge.

The new measure is part of reforms crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, said the BBC. Last year women in Saudi Arabia allowed to drive. In addition, they can now attend football matches. This leaves a lot of things that a resident of the country can not do without the permission of a male guardian: her husband, father, brother or son. For example, to obtain a passport, marry, travel abroad, open a Bank account, to do elective surgery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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