The mayor of Magnitogorsk called cosmetic cracks in the survivors home


Photo: RIA Novosti

The mayor of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov said that the experts examined the whole house where December 31, the gas exploded, reports RIA Novosti. Found in the building cracks, he said, are cosmetic.

“That is plaster, putty fell out somewhere, such a plan. Constructive supporting elements of damage are not,” said the mayor, adding that in three days the cracks have not changed.

He noted that experts examine the cracks in each apartment and each entrance.

In addition, Berdnikov said that the residents did not support the idea of moving house on electric stoves, although the authorities were willing to provide this opportunity. In this regard, the house will soon be re-filed gas. The mayor claims this is harmless, since a similar fuel is supplied to all the other houses of Magnitogorsk.

January 5, the mayor said that the experts again check the victim after the explosion, the house on the subject of whether to live in it. The question concerns the tenants of the entrances from the first to the sixth and from the ninth to the twelfth. The seventh and eighth collapsed and will be demolished before the end.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who came to Magnitogorsk December 31, stressed that “this is not the case where you have to save,” in the resettlement of citizens.

Partial collapse of the ten-storied house in Magnitogorsk killed 39 people, their identity is established. The rescue operation ended on 3 January. The main version is called the domestic gas explosion, an act of terrorism, the investigation has been repeatedly rejected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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