Football fan deprived of money and zatrollit it


Alexander Mitrovicali: Kirsty Wigglesworth/ AP Photo

British fan named Jamie Blyth lost to 855 pounds at the bookmaker because of a miss the striker Fulham’s Alexander Mitrovic from the penalty spot. A fan reported it to Instagram, and the player himself came to him in the comments.

Fulham, which plays in the Premier League, lost “Oldham” from the fourth tier of the championship England League Cup match. When the score was 1:1 Mitrovic volunteered to take the penalty, but his shot repelled by the goalkeeper. A little later, “Oldham” scored the winning goal.

Because of this, Blyth was not able to win 855 pounds at the bookmaker, as he said in Instagram, noting of Mitrovic. Player wrote his comments: “No problem, friend.”

In July an unnamed Russian fans set to 1.85 million rubles for the Spanish national team victory over team Russia in the match of 1/8 final of the world Cup. The masters tournament proved more accurate in the penalty shootout and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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