Tourists will have to fork out for departure from Japan


Photo: Thomas White / Reuters

In Japan, entered into force a law according to which every tourist leaving the country must pay the tax. On Monday, January 7, reports The Mainichi.

It is noted that the amount of tax collection to check out is 1000 yen (about 600 rubles). The law applies to citizens of all countries. From the payment of dues of the person who purchased the tickets until 7 January, children under two years, transit passengers, diplomats and passengers on government flights. Also, the tax will not pay the crews of ships and aircraft, and passengers in the event of a forced landing or entering the port due to weather conditions.

The authorities estimate that by 2020 Japan will be visited by around 40 million tourists. In 2019, the revenue from the departure tax will reach 50 billion yen. At the same time, continue to apply the law on free visas.

The tax levy will expand and strengthen the infrastructure of tourism. In particular, it is planned to introduce a system of automatic recognition of individuals at airports to enhance the attractiveness of tourist attractions and to provide more information and services to tourists.

In December it was reported that the Parliament of Japan has decided to lift the ban on the country’s use of foreign workers. Japan intends to attract more than 340 thousand citizens of the foreign States in the next five years due to the rapid growth of jobs that can’t fill local residents.

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