Alexander Emelianenko divorced his wife, and six months later married her


Alexander Emelianenko: Vladimir Astapkovich/ RIA Novosti

The Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Alexander Emelianenko married his ex-wife Polina Seledtsova. He said this in Instagram.

The ceremony was held in Greece. With Seledtsova Emelianenko divorced in July of 2018, without explaining the reasons. For the athlete this marriage was the second.

Emelianenko married Seledtsova in the spring of 2015, while in jail. In may he was convicted in maid rape and sent to prison. From prison, he was released in November 2016.

After freedom fighter resumed his athletic career. He played five games in which he scored four wins, another fight ended in a draw. All in all, on account of Emelyanenko 36 matches. The Russians won 28 victories and suffered seven defeats. In one match a draw.

In November he left fight club “Ahmad”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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