Black gay retired from the sport for the sake of sex change


Photo: Instagram Louise Sand

Swedish handball player Louise sand decided to leave the sport for the sake of sex change surgery. It is reported by the newspaper Expressen, citing podcast Utkast.

Dark-skinned athlete who is openly gay, explained that he was feeling very bad lately, and now understood why. “I was born in the wrong body Always felt like Louis sand, not Louise,” said handball. She noted that ahead of a difficult period, but in the end she will feel better.

Sand ended his career at the age of 26. She played for French clubs, and also played for team Sweden.

In November 2017, retired former football player of team USA Robbie Rogers, the first openly gay American sport leagues. In his farewell letter, he urged other athletes not to hide their feelings and to make coming out.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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