Poster about the history of Russia concealed the date of the wreck of the “Kursk” and the terrorist attack in Beslan


Photo: Alex Shevrin / Facebook

Visitor of the Park “Russia — my story” at ENEA in Moscow drew attention to the banner dedicated to the national history. The poster, entitled “History of Russia from Rurik to Putin”, was taped several dates. Pictures of the banner in your Facebook published a user Alexey Sevrin.

The man together with commentators have compared other historical events that are open to view, and came to the conclusion that closed was the date of the wreck of the submarine “Kursk” in 2000, the terrorist seizure of hostages during a musical “Nord-OST” in the Dubrovka theater in 2002 and Beslan in 2004.

The TV channel “Rain” contacted the press-service of the project. They confirmed the presence of a poster taped to the dates, but said that it is not included in the main collection.

“He is in the warehouse area that now houses the equipment and different tools, which we used for the reconstruction,” — said the interlocutor of the channel.

Multimedia Park “Russia — my story” has opened at VDNKH at the end of December 2018, after a six-month renovation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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