The housing market captured the Virgo and Aquarius


Photo: Arthur Novosiltsev / TASS

The greatest number of transactions for the purchase of residential property in Moscow in the past 2018, concluded that people born under the signs of Virgo and Aquarius. This is stated in the materials of the Agency “Bon Ton” (are at the disposal of edition”.ru”).

The first was bought more than 14 percent of the total number of flats, the second — about nine percent. The minimum number of purchases — about three percent — had the lions. Capricorn in 2018, I bought almost nine percent of the Metropolitan apartments, the share of the other characters ranged from three to 8.6 percent, estimated realtors.

Share of credit purchases in the lead as the virgin — they are in 2018, formed about 15 percent of transactions involving mortgages. In second place — Gemini (just over nine per cent mortgage deals). The third position went to Taurus (nine percent). The least popular mortgages were born under the signs of Leo and Libra

At the end of December it became known that the residential real estate in Russia in 2018 was sold faster. According to analysts, on average, from the time of placing online ads on the sale of an apartment prior to its withdrawal from publication is eight months, or 231 days. In 2017 the average duration of exposure was almost two weeks longer — 246 days.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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