The most dangerous jellyfish of the Earth attacked the Australians


Photo: Vladimir Trefilov/ RIA “Novosti”

In the Australian Queensland 22 people were hospitalized due to bites of poisonous jellyfish Irukandji. It is reported by SBS News on Tuesday, January 8.

More 22,2 thousand persons suffered from the bite of a Portuguese boat — similar to a jellyfish colonial animal.

The report said that the number of victims more than twice exceeded the average for the 10 years.

In January 2017 in the Indian state of Goa from jellyfish stings suffered Russian tourists. Jellyfish, in particular, stung a 10-year-old daughter of Russian journalist Dina Karpicko.

Irukandji jellyfish — a group of Pacific jellyfish extraordinary virulence, it is considered the most dangerous of all types. 20 minutes after contact with the jellyfish man “will experience extreme pain in back and stomach,” writes the portal Representatives of marine fauna are found in tropical waters to the North of the state, but because of warming the water after rains can move South.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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