A Japanese magazine has published guidelines for the abuse and apologized


Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

Japanese weekly magazine Spa! apologized for the publication, which tells how to persuade a young woman to have sex and to determine in appearance as it is available. According to The Independent, the material caused a negative response from thousands of readers.

The reason for the scandal was an interview with an employee of the Dating website Isogeny Keiji (Keiji Isogimi), which was published at the end of December. In it the Manager gave instructions on how to seduce a woman alcoholic party, and called five schools, where they learn the most affordable students.

Social media users reacted strongly to the interview. A wave of discontent has launched a student Kazuna Yamamoto (Kazuna Yamamoto). She stated that the editorial staff is obliged to remove the article, apologize to the girls of Japan and promise never to objectify women in their publications.

Yamamoto made a petition where he accused the editor of the Spa! the sexualization, objectification and disrespect towards women. Tens of thousands of people joined the initiative, demanding that the officers seized the copies from sale.

The representative of edition of Spa! Inukai Takashi (Takashi Inukai) apologized on behalf of the editorial Board and said that the material was based on personal experience of the hero interview. He also said that actually it was not about frat parties and special events where men pay for a relationship with women.

The circulation of the magazine remains on sale.

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