A nondescript young people interested in the elite apartments in Moscow


Photo: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

The structure of demand in the rental market of elite housing capital in 2018 has changed, in particular increased proportion of representatives of the IT sector. This is stated in the materials Kalinka Group (in edition “Tapes.ru”).

“IT professionals are sometimes led to distrust from the owners — it is no secret that representatives of this sector often have the appearance, which is hardly possible to speak about high level of income,” — says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group Ekaterina Rumyantseva, stating that such tenants, some owners of expensive housing is still perceived as “a nondescript young people with irregular earnings, which little worried about the external environment”.

However, the IT sector representatives actively rent expensive housing, including high-budget apartments in “Moscow-city”, noted in Kalinka Group. In addition, the market is gradually increasing presence of online bloggers, speakers and people who earn on ads on the social network Instagram.

The average transaction price in the segment by 2018 amounted to 290 thousand rubles per month, according to the company, the average driver’s age is 32 years.

According to the statistics Agency Penny Lane Realty in Moscow rent of about three thousand luxury apartments, with more than 600 of them are not considered tenants due to inadequately inflated rates.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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