Alexander Manotskov will take part in the Christmas Nativity scene Pavel Karmanov


Alexander Manicotto: Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

The composer Alexander Manotskov will be another party’s performance “Christmas Nativity scene Pavel Karmanov”, which will be held in the Moscow concert hall “charge” on January 11. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

It is noted that the 46-year-old composer will be performing the role of Death.

The leader of the group “Auktyon” Leonid Fedorov called the performance “amazing musical spectacle.” “Traditional folk music is very topical in the modern version, especially when it is performed with such outstanding musicians,” said he.

In addition Manotskov, the Nativity scene will take part the old Russian spiritual music ensemble “Sirin” ensemble “Persimfans” musician-folklorist Sergei Starostin, rock-group “Polite refusal”, children’s vocal ensemble veretentse and horn player Arkady Shilkloper.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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