Australian mock uncomfortable expensive clothes and gained fame


Photo: @kneedeepinlifeblog

A resident of Australia by the name of Laura, the author of the blog Knee Deep In Life, published in Instagram photo parody which ridiculed expensive uncomfortable clothes on skinny models. As reported by FOX News, Laura has supported hundreds of subscribers around the world.

The object of ridicule was the is a bikini with an extremely high waist. The price of the fashionable bathing suit was 50 pounds (nearly four thousand).

According to Laura, the owners of the brand offer of the ugly and uncomfortable clothes for a lot of money. “It’s 50 pounds and it’s January” — I was angry she was.

To be like the model in the photo, the woman wore a short children’s t-shirt and belt from a Superman costume. Intimate places she closed her smiles, adding that no one should see their “downside”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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