Britain decided to introduce to the dollar


Photo: Russell Boyce / Reuters

The Bank of England Governor mark Carney said that the Chinese yuan could potentially become a future global reserve currency alongside the U.S. dollar, Reuters reports.

According to him, such changes tend to occur much slower than changes in the sizes of the economies. “Over time the disconnect between real life and the financial sector are likely to decrease, and in the process may be other reserve currencies. First, I expect that it will be the Renminbi,” said Carney.

Earlier, the international rating Agency Moody’s predicted the decline of the role of the dollar in global trade. According to analysts, this is due to the development of regional trade and new currency reserve status.

Partial abandonment of the dollar for several months, say the Russian authorities. In their opinion, Russia could suffer if the US imposes new sanctions will block Russian accounts in American banks. As a solution it was proposed to transfer payments to foreign partners in other currencies, including the ruble, Euro and yuan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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