Diplomats in Australia are bombarded with suspicious packages


Photo: David Gray / Reuters

Emergency services and law enforcement agencies of Australia examine suspicious packages discovered in various embassies and consulates on Wednesday, January 9. This is stated in the message of the Federal police of the country in Twitter.

As noted, the packages found in the diplomatic offices in the southern state of Victoria and capital territory. The circumstances are studied, and other details in the message is not given.

As 9news reports, affected 13 consulates in Melbourne, at least seven of them were evacuated. According to the portal, suspicious packages were sent to the Embassy of great Britain, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, USA, Thailand, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan.

According to unconfirmed reports, the parcels can be powder mixed with asbestos. It is noted that a plastic bag with a similar marking was in one of the letters delivered by regular mail. In this case the return address has not been specified. The dust of asbestos is carcinogenic substance when hit in the respiratory tract.

Two days before this suspicious package with white powder was found in the Argentine Consulate in Sydney.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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