Dropped dozens of pounds, people were bare and showed the effects of losing weight


Picture: BBC / YouTube

Three emaciated man stripped on Cam to show real appearance after significant weight loss. Reported by the Daily Mail.

On one of the four videos The Naked Truth (“the Naked truth”) prepared by “bi-Bi-si”, two women and a man confessed what they had to face during and after weight loss. For example, Steph, who introduced himself only by name, dropped over 50 pounds in over two years thanks to diet and sport. She complained of numerous bruises from training. “If I’m at the gym and doing Cycling, I hit the body on the trainer, but I don’t feel it,” explained Steph.

Another woman, named Catherine, made the operation to remove 80 percent of the belly fat. It took her a while to get used to the flabby and saggy skin, which she carefully concealed under clothing. “At some point I decided that I will no longer hide my body,’ said Catherine. In the end, my body experienced the birth of a child and the fight against obesity”.

Rowan, which lost 57 kilograms, is afraid that losing weight will affect his personal life. The man admitted that after losing a large amount of weight without surgical intervention, he was covered with folds of excess skin and “look like Winnie-the-Pooh”.

In September 2018 the fans of the American manufacturer of sports clothing Outdoor Voices is pleased with where she introduced new short shorts. Hip model Julia-Elise childs noticed cellulite, neotremontirovannyh photographers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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