In China found no abuse of Muslims


Photo: Bobby Yip / Reuters

Anti-terrorist measures by the Chinese government in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR) correspond to concepts of humanity. This statement was made head of the Secretariat for security of the special administrative region of China Hong Kong John Lee. This reports the South China Morning Post Wednesday, January 9.

According to him, representatives of the Hong Kong authorities during the visit to Xinjiang, has not found violations of human rights with Beijing. “All we [there] saw was human”, he said.

The delegation visited the camp of professional training, which allegedly tortured Uighurs-Muslims under the guise of preventing terrorist activities in the region. According to Li, the visit was not pre-planned. “I would say that [some people] look at the situation, wearing colored glasses,” he added.

In November, China urged to ignore the allegations of forced detention of Muslims in Xinjiang in camps of re-education.

For the first time Beijing has spoken about the special training centers in the XUAR in October. According to authorities, they teach law, “are engaged in ideological education, to help bring order to thoughts, correct behavior, to learn the state language” is Chinese.

In August the UN Commission on human rights stated that he had received many credible reports of holding at least a million people from ethnic minorities in closed camps in Xinjiang. It was reported that there citizens “re-educated”: they sing revolutionary songs, learn the ideas of Chinese President XI Jinping and speak the Chinese language they are not native.

In Beijing noted that in Xinjiang, where the majority of residents practice Islam, China to penetrate the radical Islamists from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Measures of the Chinese government in the region aimed at countering terrorism and control the Muslim population.

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