In Russia came into force the new tariffs on OSAGO


Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

January 9, came into force the new tariffs on insurance, reports TASS.

In accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank of the tariff corridor is expanding by 20 percent up and down. The minimum rate of the basic rate for passenger cars to individuals is set at 2746 rubles, the upper limit is increased to 4942 of the ruble. Previously, rates ranged from 3432 4118 to rubles.

In addition, the new rules provide for the separation of drivers into 58 categories based on seniority and age. Previously, these categories were four. Insurance more expensive for young drivers with little experience and also for policies of type “MultiDrive” — with an unlimited number allowed to control drivers.

As noted by the Central Bank, the new tariffs “aimed at increasing the availability of insurance policies and the transition to a system where each driver pays for itself, and the rate is fair and for each individual motorist”. This innovation is the first stage of the reform of the CTP.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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