Killer Russian Director of Burger King was suspected of series of attacks on women


Frame: the RF IC

BlaBlaCar passenger, accused of murder of the Director of the Moscow Burger King Irina Akhmatova, suspected in a series of attacks on women. On Wednesday, January 9, with reference to its own source reports the Agency “Moscow”.

According to sources, the accused may be involved in the robbery and attempted rape of a resident of the Metropolitan area Kuntsevo. According to preliminary data, the man attacked the woman at a house entrance and began to undress. When he was going to commit an act of violence, the victim woke up and begged to let her go. The attacker agreed, stole her valuables and money and then disappeared.

In addition, law enforcement officers checked the man for involvement in the Commission of four crimes against women in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Vladimir.

Meanwhile, sources “” have not confirmed information about the involvement of suspect in other crimes.

“The accused were checked for committing several other crimes involving sexual violence, but his involvement was not proved, and no reason to say that they made a series, especially in different cities of Russia, currently not. The practice test previously convicted of similar crimes registered in all the methodological recommendations”, — explained the interlocutor of the edition.

Accused of murder Akhmatova was detained December 30, 2018 in the Vladimir region near the town of Gorokhovets in the attempt to Nizhny Novgorod. He admitted that he pre-planned murder: created several fake accounts on the search for companions, including women’s faces, and booked all the seats in the car Irina Akhmatova.

Immediately after committing the murder, the man threw the body in the forest and the car drove in Yaroslavl, has informed a source “”. He was supposed to sell the car for parts, but after learning about the beginning of the investigation, threw him in town. It is known that the man was convicted for robbery and rape.

About the disappearance of the Director of the Moscow restaurant Burger King became known on the morning of December 26. Akhmatova went missing during a trip in his car from Moscow to Tula. Later the victim’s car was found near one of the shopping centres in Yaroslavl. A criminal case under article “Murder”.

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