Russia predicted European domination


Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

Russia can become Europe’s largest economy by 2030, the analysts of Standard Chartered Bank in its forecast, excerpts of which leads Bloomberg.

According to their estimates, the world’s largest economy in 2030 will be China. Its GDP at purchasing power parity (relative to a specific set of goods and services) reaches to 64.2 trillion dollars.

In second place will be India, whose GDP was 46.3 trillion, the third — US 31 trillion.

Russia, according to the forecast by Standard Chartered, will be in eighth place with a GDP of 7.9 trillion dollars. She skips forward Indonesia (10,1 trillion), Turkey (9.1 trillion), Brazil (8,6 trillion) and Egypt (8,2 trillion), but will overtake Japan (7.2 trillion) and Germany (6,9 trillion).

Seven out of ten first places in 2030 will occupy the current emerging economies, concluded analysts. Their prediction is based on the basic principle that the share of each country in world GDP should correspond to its share in world population. Economists predict further convergence of developed and developing countries in terms of GDP per capita.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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