Russian tank called the best in the world


Photo: Alexander Melnikov / RIA Novosti

Russian tank T-90S half the price of the American M1 Abrams, combines the virtues of a T-72 and T-80 in connection with what is one of the most successful proposals of this military equipment on the world market, writes The National Interest.

American journal notes that T-90S are equipped with 2A46M smoothbore gun caliber 125 mm, as well as a powerful diesel engine IN-84МС.

The publication adds that Russian tank enjoys wide popularity abroad. In particular, India has acquired more than 300 units of T-90S, and the last country to get such equipment (32 cars), was the Vietnam.

T-90S is an export version of the T-90. On the tank there are no floodlights “Blind”, which are replaced by additional blocks integrated dynamic protection. Also, the armored vehicle is equipped with air conditioning.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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