The artists of the Russian tent was handcuffed at the time of submission


Frame: orik axmedov / YouTube

In Ufa the bailiffs terminated the presentation of the traveling circus and the eyes of the audience brought the performers in handcuffs. On Wednesday, January 9, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the Bashkir Directorate of the Federal bailiff service (UFSSP).

January 4, in the tent of the circus “Triumph” came the workers of the office, performing a judicial decision to close the show for violation of fire safety rules.

“Indeed, during the presentation in the premises of the circus came armed bailiffs, with spectators chained speakers artists in handcuffs, and explained to them the reason for the detention and out of the courtroom,” — said the representative office.

19 December 2018 October district court has decided to temporarily suspend the operation of the circus, but the management of “Triumph” he was ignored and during the Christmas holidays continued to collect citizens on the show.

The next day after the incident in the tent planned performance, but the bailiffs surrounded the tent and not allowed in the hall of audience and artists.

“The reason for the temporary closure of the circus were numerous violations of fire safety in the tent. The room has only one exit which is by the evacuation for the audience and circus animals. If there’s a fire, a tragedy in such circumstances can not be avoided. Also there is no fire alarm system, the floor is covered with flammable material. In accordance with the court ruling the ban will be effective until a final decision in the case concerning the circus, until that time, the bailiff will conduct the verification of compliance with the ban”, — explained in the office of bailiffs.

Video interrupted by the circus of published regional newspaper

The footage shows how the bailiffs turned off the sound, lighting and urged the public to leave the premises under the indignant cries of artists. As the newspaper notes, the audience was divided into two camps: some condemned the police officers for the bad mood, others criticize the Director, who put my kids in danger.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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