The famous TV presenter confessed his love to the young Asian girls and disgraced


Photo: Yann Moix page in Facebook

French TV presenter and writer Ian Moi (Yann Moix) stated that he prefers to meet with young girls and women his age for him “invisible”. As The Guardian reports, his remarks have caused outrage in social networks.

In an interview with Marie Claire 50-year-old man said that “not able” to experience any feelings for the middle-aged woman. “I prefer the young female body, that’s all,” he said, adding that above all he values the 25-year-old girls. Among their favorites MUA called owners of Asian appearance — Koreans, Japanese, Chinese.

Network users and colleagues of the presenter was outraged by his views on women. Journalist and writer Colombe Auger (Colombe Schneck) called Moi a moron, not knowing what he really wants. 52-year-old woman published in Instagram his half-naked photo to prove to a colleague that middle-aged women are sexy. The auger was supported by her colleague Jean-françois Guyo (Jean-François Guyot), extending it in the Twitter.

“It occurs only with Asian women at least 10 years younger than yourself, because, you know, women have a shelf life” — ironically the activist Laura Halley (Laura Hulley).

MUA also condemned former first lady of France, Valerie trierweiler. She posted on Twitter the cover of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, dedicated to the fight against machismo. “Today I dedicate this picture to Jan Moi”, signed it image.

Later MUA said that his taste is a personal matter, and he wanted to be honest in their judgments.

Yang MUA is the author of numerous books and winner of several literary awards. He also became famous as host of a talk show.

Earlier edition of the Japanese weekly magazine Spa! published material about the sexual abuse of young girls. The publication caused a negative response from tens of thousands of readers. They called it sexist and demanded of the magazine’s staff an apology.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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