The Pentagon told about the unwillingness to go to war with Russia and China


Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters

Logistics system of the U.S. army, intended for transporting troops and weapons for long distances, out of date, it needs urgent modernization in the event of military conflict with Russia or China. This is stated in the report of the Pentagon, reports the Washington Free Beacon Wednesday, January 9.

“Since the end of the cold war, the US has not faced an enemy that could inflict catastrophic damage to the system of military security, the placement of personnel and equipment, — said in a declassified document. — As a result of responsible for similar tasks of logistics systems has not been given its due influence, and their funding was inadequate compared to the other activities of the Ministry of defense.”

In addition, increased opportunities for strategic adversaries to threaten military logistics USA using the latest weapons, as well as “grey areas” — of cyber attacks and space weapons. “Potential military conflict will require widespread and capable of surviving the logistics system and the use of advanced information technology systems that can not only protect us from cyber attacks, but also will allow us to safely distribute information between military and civilian supply agencies,” the report notes. Speech in the document goes about the possibility of the United States “to deal with China and Russia.”

In October of the strategic research Institute Heritage Foundation (Washington, DC) published a report which stated that the United States is not likely to be able to accept the simultaneous participation in two major wars, for example, with China and Russia. However, the authors of the report note that last year the military capabilities of the United States intensified, as previously a similar study evaluated the ability of the country to be at war simultaneously with China and Russia as “weak.”

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