The police took over the case gave birth after 10 years of coma women


Photo: Hacienda Healthcare

In the American city of Phoenix, Arizona, police began a search of the father of the child, which is born of a woman in a coma. This publication reports The Guardian.

29 Dec patient medical center Hacienda Healthcare the child was born. Staff claimed not to know about the pregnancy until labor began. After the accident, which occurred over 10 years ago, the woman is in a vegetative state and never regain consciousness, so the child could be conceived only as a result of rape.

Monday, January 7, the Executive Director of Hacienda Healthcare bill Timmons (Timmons Bill) resigned. The Board of Directors of the medical center unanimously supported his decision.

The next day, the police received a judicial warrant to take DNA samples from all the men who worked at Hacienda Healthcare. The enterprise promises to assist in the investigation. “We will continue to cooperate with the police of Phoenix and any other investigative agencies to establish the facts about this highly disturbing, but an unprecedented situation,” — said in a statement the medical center.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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