The teenager disobeyed the mother and saved the family from a painful death



In the USA the teenager looked at the night series, despite the ban of the mother, and because of this was able to notice the beginning of a fire. About it reports information portal WIVB.

The incident occurred in the state of Delaware in early January. Angela Marie Border (Angela Marie Border) told his 13-year-old son Damir (Damir) not to watch TV shows on Netflix late and went to sleep.

However, the teenager has disobeyed her, and in the morning smelled smoke. Damir immediately woke her mother and called rescuers. She got dressed, and together they ran from the flames at home.

“I don’t know where we’d be if he’d listened to me and went to sleep,” admitted the woman. Her husband was at work at the time of the incident. According to firefighters, the fire occurred due to a malfunction in the switchboard. The house can not be restored. Two of the four family dogs found dead, others missing.

The red cross gave the family $ 600 (40.3 thousand rubles), to make the time to get a hotel room. Their neighbours held a charity collection, with the money they plan to buy for those affected necessities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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