Torn to pieces by two girls “sentimental” Belarusian sentenced to death



In the Belarusian Bobruisk court sentenced 36-year-old local resident to death for the murder of two young girls with special cruelty. On Wednesday, January 9, according to

Last summer unemployed Alexander Osipovich met in a cafe with two girls 26-year-old Olesya Klimova and 27-year-old Christina Kriushkino, after which the three went home to Osipovich. On the morning of 20 July, law enforcement agencies Bobruisk called one of the girls that tried to tell us that they want to kill her, but was unable to name the exact address where is located. However, the same day police found the bodies of Klimova and Kraskino in the bathroom of the apartment Osipovich after he pled guilty.

The materials of the investigation says that Osipovich caused Klimova 77 hammer blows and hands in the vital organs (from them 30 — only in the head). On the body of Kriushkino was discovered 16 wounds, most of them in the head and neck. Then Osipovich “took steps to dismemberment and concealment of corpses.”

At the end of December were announced the results of forensic bodies Klimova and Kraskino — in their blood was found at 3.3 and 3.4 ppm of alcohol, respectively.

He Osipovich stated that girls had “definite plans” — they allegedly slipped him something in a beer in a cafe and waited to see how the drink will act on it. Advocate men stressed that Osipovich admitted his guilt. The motive for the crime was anger Osipovich for girls who “behaved properly in the apartment.”

On 8 January, the state Prosecutor Olga Ivanova reported that Osipovich in the time of the murder Klimova and Kriushkino aware of what is happening, and after the crime was going to hide the traces of violence. The Prosecutor stressed that the turnout Osipovich guilt cannot be a mitigating circumstance. The Prosecutor asked for the accused to capital punishment — shooting.

In his last word Osipovich reported that fully aware of the incident. “That I could provoke such actions, I don’t know. Myself I am a good man and sentimental… In deed sorry, and I apologize. Asking the court to give me the opportunity to save a life, to work and pay the money to the families of the victims,” said the man.

Nevertheless, the court Osipovich was sentenced to death and ordered to collect from it more than 100 thousand Belarusian rubles (more than 3.1 million of Russian roubles) for the benefit of the families of the victims.

The verdict is not yet in force, Osipovich intends to appeal.

This is the first death sentence handed down in 2019 in Belarus, which is the only country in Europe to apply the death penalty. In accordance with the criminal code, death sentences can be imposed for the most serious crimes, in particular, for the use of weapons of mass destruction, war, genocide, international terrorism, murder, seizure of power, terrorist attack, murder of a law enforcement or treason. The penalty may be assigned only to men aged 18 to 65 years and is produced by firing squad.

Over the last 20 years in Belarus were executed more than 400 people, only one citizen of the Republic was pardoned by President Alexander Lukashenko. In 2018 in Belarus were executed four citizens of the country, two more are waiting on death row.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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