500 people last farewell of the beloved 130-year-old crocodile


Frame: Hindustan Times / YouTube

In India, 500 people attended the funeral of 130-year-old crocodile. This publication reports the Hindustan Times.

Reptile named Gangaram (Gangaram) died Tuesday, January 8. The villagers Benamocarra in the state of Chhattisgarh found the body of a crocodile in a local pond. It was examined by representatives of the forest and came to the conclusion that Gangaram died of old age.

Grieving Indians staged a lavish funeral, a three-meter reptile. To the grave the body was taken to Gangarama decorated with flowers and garlands tractor. Residents of neighboring villages also came to bid farewell to the famous animal in the area.

According to a resident of the village of Basavana (Basawan), reptile was very friendly and never bitten anyone. “The kids could swim with Gangarama. It never on anybody did not attack and did not hurt anybody. He was not a crocodile, and a friend and divine creation, we worship him,” — said the Indian.

Another resident of the village of Shin VIR Das (Veer Sing Das) added that Gangarama were fed rice and soup beans. He called crocodile “understanding”, as the reptile has gone to the other shore of the pond when he came bathers.

The village head Mohan Sahu (Sahu Mohan) noted that the villagers believed the crocodile Keeper of the village. The body of the reptile was buried near the pond, on the grave of the plan to erect the statue.

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