A five-meter white shark refused to eat the tasteless student


Frame: The Tribune

Great white shark attacked a 19-year-old surfer, ride on Board off the coast of California. This publication reports The Tribune.

Predatory fish swam to the student of the Polytechnic University of California Wapner nick (Nick Wapner) at the bottom. “It all happened so quickly, he says. — I turned and saw her foot in her mouth”. According to him, the length of the shark was about 4.5 meters.

From the shock the young man felt no pain and after a short struggle managed to hit fish free leg. The shark immediately let go and retreated. Wapner’s climbed on Board and started paddling for shore. Removing the wetsuit, he found on the bitten leg cuts, including deep. A friend helped him to get to the hospital, where the student put 50 stitches.

According to Wapner, the shark grabbed his leg with curiosity and let go, because she did not like the taste. “Up to her pretty quickly realized that it’s not a seal,” he says.

In October it was reported that the surfer resting on the beach near the new Zealand town of Dargaville, was attacked by a great white shark. Predatory fish bit him in several places.

Great white shark — one of the largest predatory fish in the world. The average members of this species reach 4.7 meters in length. They are considered the most hazardous to human species.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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