Cat art ruined the painting for half a million rubles


Photo: The Telegraph

Cat British art historian Bendor Grosvenor hall spoiled the picture of one of my favorite artists of its owner. This writes The Telegraph.

Grosvenor in 2015, has acquired the work of English portrait painter Michael Wright for 5250 pounds (about 450 million). The picture was spoiled because of the cold, it made the condensate and the critic are engaged in its restoration. When he stepped back to look at the result of his work, his cat padmé jumped into the center of the picture.

According to art historian, the restoration of Wright will cost the same amount as its purchase. The Grosvenor noted that it is good that the cat jumped on the part of the portrait with the clothes, not the face.

“Obviously, Padme is not a fan of Michael Wright has no regrets,” added the critic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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