China has offered to shelter Elon musk


Photo: Robyn Beck / Reuters

China invited the founder of Tesla Elon musk to Chinese green card. This statement was made by Premier of China Li Keqiang at a meeting with businessman in Beijing, said on the website of the Chinese government.

During a conversation with the head of the state Council, Musk said that he really likes China, and he would like to spend more time in the country. In response, Li Keqiang proposed to grant him a permanent residence permit. “Thank you,” replied the American.

The meeting discussed the new Tesla factory in Shanghai, which, as noted by Musk, has all chances to become the most advanced in the world.

Earlier, on 10 January, Li Keqiang said that the company will guarantee good relations between the US and China. The start of construction of the Tesla factory in Shanghai became known in the beginning of the year. The company will become the first in the industry, which will be owned by foreign investors. At the same time at the meeting, Musk stated that the products will fully meet the requirements of the Chinese market.

Until now, all foreign companies in China was created with the participation of local companies. Foreigners also had to provide access for local business to their technology, which Beijing has accused them of theft and forced transfer. This, in turn, was one of the reasons for the American Declaration of trade war on China.

According to Chinese law, a foreigner can get a green card if he more than three years have made direct investments in the economy of the country, constantly employed in the office assistant or General Director of an enterprise in China or have made a significant contribution to the development of the country. In conversation with Musk Li Keqiang, among other things, expressed hope that the new Tesla factory will be one of the elements of deepening the policy of reform and opening up in the country.

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