Cords ridiculed in verse “of a parliamentarian from heaven” Milonova


Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The leader of the band Leningrad Sergei Shnurov in verse replied the Deputy of the state Duma Vitaly Milonova, who called his work “a belch of pivnik”. His work, the musician has published in Instagram on Thursday, January 9th.

In the poem, the Cords said that the MP “laws withdrew from us a surplus” because he believes that Russians are not terribly malnourished, and the quality of life will improve only once from the music of domestic artists will disappear obscene language.

Flushed again sir Milon.
Charitable transported speech.
No, not about the miserable existence of millions,
It kept and was allegorical.
Prophesied, like Isaiah,
The laws of removing from us the surplus
Beard red in anger, shaking,
He talked about the beer and belching.
On the death of Pushkin. Words are not choosing
He rained curses and rudeness Itochu,
He fancied himself a parliamentarian from Paradise
That icon with him, candle, keys.
That weeps the old man at ATM
Think a little not eat.
Now, if the songs would be less than the Mat,
Then adjusted up, I swear.

Before Milonov said “the Fifth channel” that he considers his main inspiration artists using obscene language in the works.

In December 2018 Cords joined in a poetic duel with producer Joseph Prigogine, who said that a musician is a curse because of the fashion on profanity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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