Defendants in high-profile cases of extremism has disappeared from the list of terrorists


Mary Motousate: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

The names of the inhabitants of Barnaul Maria Motunau and Andrew Shasherina who were accused of extremism because of the posts and pictures in “Vkontakte” disappeared from the list of extremists and terrorists of Rosfinmonitoring. About this in his Telegram channel said the lawyer “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

“This means that against them criminal cases under article 282 discontinued. However, the investigation has not yet notified the lawyers,” wrote Chikov.

Student Maria Matuska has become one of the most famous accused in extremism. In the spring of 2018 in its relation criminal case as regards 1 article 282 and article “insult of feelings of believers” (part 1 article 148 of the Russian criminal code). The reason are a few pictures meme saved on her page in “Vkontakte”. In the fall, after the court found violations in the case Motunau and sent him back to the Prosecutor, the girl left Russia. She went to Ukraine and was planning to seek political asylum in another country.

A resident of Barnaul Andrey Shasherin was also accused of extremism and insulting the feelings of believers because of the memes in “Vkontakte”. In particular — he’s about six years ago he reposted a picture of a famous Internet artist under the pseudonym Duran where people, like Jesus asked the time of the Patriarch Cyril, which gets a rude response (the comic is associated with the sensational story based on the pictures expensive watches of the Patriarch).

28 December 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a proposed in the state Duma the law requiring criminal prosecution for extremism will be only those who for years have been brought for the same offence to administrative responsibility.

Introduction of changes in force implies the elimination of those already sentenced and termination of investigation of the initiated cases.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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