Disclosed details of the divorce of the richest man in the world


Jeff and Mackenzie Biosphoto: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Mackenzie Bezos, the wife of the founder of Internet giant Amazon and the richest man in the history of Jeff Bezos, can get a $ 69 billion as a result of divorce, writes Bloomberg. It will make her the richest woman in the world.

The magazine says their calculations are approximate and comes from the fact that the spouses will share the estate equally. In this case, Mackenzie Bezos will apply including half share of the spouse in Amazon, which is currently 16 percent.

However, it is not excluded a variant at which Betsy will sign an agreement on the division of property. In this case, it may be divided in any proportions.

The current state Bezos is estimated at 137 billion dollars. Last year at the peak it reached 150 billion that made him the richest man in history. In addition to the Amazon, it also owns the aerospace company Blue Origin.

State $ 69 billion will allow Mackenzie Bezos become the richest woman in the world. Now the leadership belongs to the owner L’oreal of Betancur Francoise Myers with 45.6 billion dollars.

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos announced the divorce after 25 years of marriage, 9 Jan. They said that they will remain friends and partners in various projects.

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