Essential winter thing turned out to be hazardous to health


Photo: Eric Thayer / Reuters

Unwashed scarf can cause harm to health, reports the Daily Mail.

According to experts, irregular wash this enhancement leads to clogged pores and acne on the chin, the neck, back or chest. Dermatologist and cosmetologist British medical centre, Woodford Medical doctor Merin Patterson (Patterson Meryn) recommend to wash the scarf as often as the rest casual clothes.

“If you wear tight clothes a second time without first washing them, you’re at risk for acne due to the remaining sweat and constant contact with the skin,” explained the expert. She also added that things are made of synthetic materials aggravate the situation, and cotton, by contrast, allow perspiration to evaporate faster.

Dr. Patterson was supported by the founder of London cosmetic clinic Mortar and Milk Pamela Marshall. “Scarves warm winter. We wear them frequently, but very rarely wash. If every day you wound on the neck dirty thing, you will definitely face the acne,” warned Marshall.

In November 2018 employees Shoe retailer Size? found that the inner part of the sneaker dirtier than their feet. For this, the experts studied the materials from which manufactured the popular model brands Converse, Nike and Adidas: they took samples from the outer and inner surfaces as well as from the soles of shoes and put them in a warm dark place for five days to see what will breed bacteria.

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