FTL travel was deemed possible


Frame: the movie “Star wars”

A group of physicists at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (USA) showed that a massive rotating black holes can be used for FTL travel. This publication reports The Conversation.

According to one of the solutions to the equations of General theory of relativity, in black holes may form wormholes connecting different points of space-time continuum. However, it is believed that the hot and dense singularity in the center of black holes, warps space to such an extent that the space ship will be destroyed by tidal forces before will pass through the wormhole.

In the new work, physicists have shown that if a massive black hole is rotating, the singularity at its center will be soft to interact with a hypothetical space ship, not destroying it. The impact on travelers, under certain conditions, can be negligible, and despite the fact that the ship can avoid the singularity, it can pass right through it, remained intact.

Scientists emphasize that the black hole is isolated, i.e. it does not test influence from the nearby stellar objects and does not absorb any substances, nor radiation. In future work, the researchers plan to consider a more realistic variant of the black hole.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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