Giant icicles Russian changed the city beyond recognition


Photo: home “Typical of Saratov” in “Vkontakte”

Saratov public utilities have not coped with the impact record over the last 30 years in rainfall, causing the city buildings with a giant sosulyami.

“The rainfall on the roof 2-3 times more than the sidewalks. Krasnobrod in cleaning of the roof leads to the fact that just cleared the sidewalks of snow from the roof,” performed at the city meeting, the head of Saratov Mikhail Isaev writes “Version Saratov”.

Isaev admits that “the situation is difficult” due to the lack of necessary cleaning equipment and labor shortages. In the end, the cleaning of the sidewalks will take about two to three weeks, and major highways to ten days.

According to the mayor, for this winter from Saratov have already evacuated about 200 thousand cubic meters of snow, whereas in all previous 240 thousand cubic meters.

Meanwhile, local people staged the public “Typical of Saratov” in “Vkontakte” challenge #Bitweasil — who will find and photograph the largest and most unusual sosuli.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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