Killer guard Poroshenko was released on bail



Boxer Petr Ocheretyany, who is accused of murder of the employee of the Ukrainian office of state protection (HUGO) Basil Chmelyk, was released from jail on bail. About it informs the community of “Kiev Operational” in Facebook.

The report said that Ocheretyany wearing a special tracking bracelet, and was released on bail. The Deposit is $ 600 thousand.

Earlier, the Pechersky district court of Kiev appointed Ocheretyany the measure of intersection in the form of detention for 60 days with an alternative in the form of collateral for that amount.

City Kyiv Prosecutor’s office appealed the decision to release Ocheretyany.

The conflict between the boxer Petr Ocheretyany and Basil Helucom occurred on the evening of 2 January in the courtyard of a residential complex on the street Sapper Field. Chmelyk allegedly almost ran over two dogs, which were walking Ocheretyany. Boxer and a security guard entered the fray. Chmelyk has received a sharp blow to the jaw and died, without regaining consciousness, despite the efforts of medics who arrived.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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